10 Secret Erogenous Zones She’s Dying For You To Discover

portrait of a beautiful sensual woman

1. That blank line on the check where you sign your name for the child support payment.

2. A 12-inch zone of personal space on the subway.

3. Praise that isn’t mitigated by ‘for a woman.’

4. Network television content that passes the Bechdel test, saved to her DVR.

5. The 30 seconds of emptiness that fill her lonely cubicle immediately following a conference call with off-site co-workers.

6. The 20 minutes of absolute quiet in the morning when you actually get off of your ass and deal with the kids instead of making her do it.

7. A scientific paper with her name listed as first author, followed by eight men 20 years her senior.

8. Respectful discourse concerning reproductive rights.

9. That hidden alcove at the back of Winners HomeSense where she can cry quietly in total privacy.

10. Breakfast in bed, in Tahiti, alone.




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