15 Most Millennial Online Job Postings

Business people having a job interview in the office

1. Intern for intern at major New York interning firm, w/benefits.

2. Soy critic.

3. Unusually sensitive indoor cat-walker.

4. Full-time urban planner for Urban Outfitters.

5. Facial hair restoration agent, Cold Case Division.

6. Gluten-wrangler.

7. Publicist for band generated entirely by computer algorithm. Must be willing to relocate to South Korea.

8. Alt-Right-To-Work advocate.

9. Emotional labor safety administration clerk.

10. Organ donor for brilliant billionaire philanthropist with sadistic streak.

11. Comic book apologist.

12. Day shift worker for night school.

13. Pet funeral home organist / ukulele-smith.

14. Payday student loans advisor.

15. Fashion blogger with extensive liberal arts education.




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