3 Ways Your Jet-Ski Is Tax-Deductible

Jet Ski

Some impulse purchases are easier to justify to your corporate accountant than others – that last-minute flight to Cabo with a client to ‘seal the deal,’ those 13th-century swords you simply had to display on your office wall to intimidate potential Scottish / Highlander business partners, the seven-foot status of your calves in the atrium – but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.

This includes personal watercraft – long the target of many an IRS audit but to be honest, not all that difficult to deduct if you know how to do the t’s and cross the lower-case j’s.

Check out these 3 ways your Jet-Ski is tax-deductible.

1. You Used It To Rescue A Dolphin

Well ok, maybe you didn’t ‘rescue’ that dolphin so much as ‘race’ that dolphin through the canal, and maybe the dolphin didn’t actually know your were ‘racing,’ and maybe at the last minute you had to swerve to avoid hitting a pier piling and you ‘accidentally’ knocked the dolphin unconscious, and then you just booked it out of there because PETA are some scary folk, man. But whatever, right?

2. It’s Your Emergency Hurricane Escape Vehicle

Is your office located in a flood plain? Near a river? Within a hundred miles of any ocean? Could a hurricane conceivably be lurking out there, somewhere, waiting to unleash its torrential might all over your Jaguar, thus requiring you to slip into your wet suit and blast some totally gnarly waves once the storm surge hits? No to all of the above? Just put it in the foyer and have your personal assistant sit on it. I mean, it’s not like it costs much more than a Hermann Miller chair.

3. You’re A Smuggler

What attracts less attention on a radar scope than a fully carbon-fiber Jet-Ski? Nothing, that’s what. Of course, filing your taxes and claiming your Jet-Ski as a dependent probably raises some flags if 100 percent of your income comes from the black-market, but wouldn’t you rather get busted for white collar crime than caught by one of the cartels? Of course you would.



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