4 Date Ideas Guaranteed To Have Her Make ‘That Face’

Bad Date

You know the face we’re talking about. The one where she purses her lips, raises her eyebrows, and either changes the subject or leaves the room as quickly as possible. What if you were able to propose a date idea that would be guaranteed to have her make ‘that face’ so that you could sit on your ass all night watching the game while still proving to her that you ‘honestly did want to go out tonight, honey?’

Well you can – and here’s how.

1. Power-Washing Someone Else’s Boat

You were pretty fucking excited when you got that power washer for Christmas, but it’s been five months and you still haven’t take it out of the box. Wouldn’t it be rad to drive to a total stranger’s house and power wash his boat with it in the middle of the night, while your girlfriend stands watch out on the street? This is probably what she meant when she said she wanted you to be ‘more adventurous.’

2. Raccoon Pit-Fighting

There’s a spot that only you know about, behind that abandoned grocery store at the edge of town, where raccoons gather to do battle in a pit that you may or may not have dug out yourself the previous spring. Who will win the honor of Top Raccoon? The only way to know is to convince her that the screeching sounds of bloodlust are actually just how raccoons cheer each other on while being torn to pieces.

3. Just Burning Stuff At The Dump

Yeah, this is kind of an off-shoot from the raccoon fighting idea – it’s their go-to venue if the supermarket is rained out – but that doesn’t mean you can’t both have fun with pseudo-arson as she is introduced to the legal grey area of setting stuff on fire that is technically no longer anyone’s property.

4. Gurning At A Rave

A 16-hour date might sound like a grueling gambit when all you’re trying to do is stay at home and watch football while she pretends to sleep in the next room, but assure her that she’ll probably only remember 45 minutes of the entire evening because your dealer sells you really low-grade molly that’s mostly just angel dust mixed with Adderall.




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