4 Times Craigslist Made You Question Your Sexuality

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You’re normally a pretty centered guy – you know what you like, you know how you like it done to you, and you know who you want to have it done to you by. But sometimes, late at night while cruising Craigslist for a missed connection, or rims for your pickup, you catch sight of something that makes you ask questions. Deep questions. Questions you probably never thought would be prompted by an online classified ad.

1. That 33 foot length of black hose

Why exactly 33 feet? Why is it so long, so thick, and so tightly coiled? What was it once used for, and by whom? What will you do with it after you pick it up at 2 am behind a warehouse in the meat-packing district? Will you even be able to wait until you get home?

2. Those ballet shoes

Is it arousal that you’re feeling, or simply the bittersweet, metallic tang of dreams deferred, and ultimately abandoned?

3. The sixteen-DVD Mr. Universe work-out set for $20

That seems way too cheap. Almost enabling. Low enough for it to be an impulse buy. The price is right, but the cost – think of the cost.

4. 10 pounds of scrap metal, various sizes

So many different chunks of strong, hard steel, none of them straight, none of them capable of living up to their father’s expectations, all of them discarded and waiting for someone, anyone, to come and pick them up.



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