4 Vacations That Mask The Fact That You Haven’t Proposed

Couple Holding Hands On Grass

Six years into your relationship, and you still haven’t proposed. You’ve been hoping she hasn’t noticed, but not only is your non-fiancée incredibly aware of the lack of ring on her finger, so is her family, her entire group of friends, and all of her co-workers back at the office who regularly flaunt their attached status by Snapchatting her photos of their own marital bliss.

Still, you’re not ready – and honestly, you might never be. How can you keep her mind off the fact that she’s wasting the best years of her youth at your side? With a vacation, that’s how. Specifically, one of these four vacations.

1. On The Beach In Jamaica

Miles of dazzling white sand beaches, beautiful sun-drenched afternoons lazing on a deck chair, and colorful nights of dancing and music. It’s enough to momentarily disguise the fact that her ring finger is completely bare, and her womb 100 percent empty. You hope.

2. A Quiet Lakeside Cabin

Such an idyllic way to spend two relaxing weeks. Just you, her, and the increasingly vast unspoken question that sits heavy between the two of you like a wedge driving each other further and further apart.

3. Barnstorming Europe

18 countries in 14 days? You can do it! Too bad the one thing you can’t do is commit to the woman that you brought with you.

4. Exploring The Amazon

The diversity and resilience of life in the Amazon basin is breath-taking. It’s absolutely amazing to be surrounded by such lush greenery and enchanting wildlife. Maybe, just maybe, if you surround her with pygmies and endangered species she’ll forget for a single second the fact that the two of you still won’t be engaged by the time your wheels touch down back home. But probably not.




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