4 Ways To Make Side Planks Less Boring

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Let’s face it: side planks suck. In fact, all physical activity that doesn’t involve your thumbs or your right wrist is something you could do without. That being said, no one wants their coffin to look like a vat of bacon grease after they’ve been poured into it by a forklift, so you should probably do something about those abs and lats.

Which brings us to side planks: that thing you’ve never done at the gym, but that you tell everyone you’ve done at the gym. Check out these four ways to keep from losing your mind with boredom while executing side planks that would make a carpenter hard.

1. Break Into An Animal Shelter

Everyone knows that there are two sides to every animal shelter. Out front you’ve got all the adoptable dogs and cats with a fighting chance at finding a forever home. In the back, however, there’s a darker world filled with unlovable canines, vicious lizards, and cats that would rather eat your eyes than make nice in your lap. That’s where you need to get your plank on – surrounded by God’s lesser creatures, each one determined to end you with every rep.

2. Drink A Gallon Of Milk In 20 Minutes, Then Plank Away

It’s a variation of the famous ‘milk challenge,’ only this time you can encourage your stomach’s enzyme apocalypse by way of sideways muscular motion of dubious utility. Bring a bucket. Bring two.

3. Plank On The Dance Floor

No one in your family ever seems to be interested in encouraging your desire to stay fit and healthy, but I bet those bros down at the local nightclub would cheer your planks in a way that makes you feel like you truly belong, Especially after a hit of molly.

4. Plank On An Escalator

You might want to shave your head before this one. Ever seen a corpse with a missing scalp and a face that looks like a box of melted crayons? 90 percent chance it’s escalator related. Still, worth it.




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