42 Is Not Too Old To Be At This College Trivia Night

Selfie In A Bar

It’s Friday night, 10 pm, and you’ve just settled into a corner booth with a group of strangers roughly two decades younger than you are after being randomly teamed-up for an evening of trivia.

What fun to live in a college town – or maybe one or two towns way from a college town, whatever – the point is, you’ve got your pulse on the youth of today, and you only had to drive 35 minutes away from anyone who might see you out here (and text your wife about it) to re-establish that connection.

Surely this crop of Millennials will be delighted to tap into your almost limitless knowledge about early 90s sitcoms, obscure baseball statistics for players who have all retired, and presidents who were fathers to later presidents. They might even benefit from your wisdom on child-rearing should questions get pediatric, but hey, maybe don’t tell them how old your kids are. Carefree Pub Trivia Dude doesn’t have any kids, remember.

Nor does he have a bedtime. You’ll be yawning but still psyched at midnight when round two kicks off with a raft of beers you can’t even pronounce. Does it matter that the blonde to your left is started to get weirded out by all the eye-contact? Or that your fingers touched hers when handing her the trivia pencil? Or that you’ve had to piss since 10:30 but don’t want to lose your spot next to the only other human being who’s made you feel alive since, well, the last trivia night three weeks ago.

Don’t follow her to her car after she awkwardly says good-bye to her friends – but not you. Don’t slip her the torn beer bottle label with your number on it – the one to your secret cell phone you think no one else knows about. Don’t fall asleep in the bathroom and wake up locked in another dank-smelling pub, trying to come up with an excuse to tell your wife when you stagger through the door the next morning.

But above all, don’t worry. 42 isn’t too old to be at this college trivia night. As long as you’re the pub’s owner.




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