5 Fun Podcasts To Start So She’ll Think You’re Actually Interesting

You really don’t have much of a life outside of your nine to five and Netflix, and that kind of empty, almost perfunctory existence isn’t going help you land a date with the cute barista whose hand you brush with yours every day while taking back your change. The light in her eyes and the smile on her face indicates that maybe, just maybe, there’s a life of the mind going on there that surpasses the next four episodes of Luke Cage that you have sitting in your queue, which puts you in a tough spot as potentially the Most Boring Man She Has Yet To Formally Meet.

What can you do? How about starting a podcast! Those are cool, right? Here’s some ideas to get you broadcasting to the world – but more specifically, Tina at Starbucks – just how interesting you really are.

1. Cage UnCaged – The Podcast About Luke Cage

You’re already fucking this up, dude.

2. Condiment Crazy

A deep look into how many small packages of ketchup, soy sauce, relish, and wasabi you can stuff into that one drawer in your kitchen before you’re guilty of ‘condiment hoarding’ and an intervention is required.

3. Live Drive Spiral Talk

A minute-by-minute re-cap of your commute both to and from work, coupled with a real-time anxiety rating linked to how close you happen to be to the office where you’re slaving away your youth.

4. Orange Soda Report

Kind of whimsical, kind of offensive, it’s your thoughts on various types of orange soda, and you don’t care whose toes you step on!

5. Please, Somebody, Please Just Listen

This one is mostly just you sobbing as you ready out your credit card and student debt over and over – the two things that most strongly define what your life is all about, and tell Tina all she needs to know about you.




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