5 Halloween Costumes That Say ‘I’m Curious’


Halloween doesn’t have to be exclusively about sexier versions of day-to-day professions or exploring the limits of Wal-Mart’s ability to monetize cultural appropriation. It can also be an opportunity to get in touch with a part of yourself that maybe you’re not comfortable putting on display the other 364 days of the year – and hopefully, with a little luck, connect that part of yourself to some part of someone else.

Check out these 5 Halloween costumes that say ‘I’m curious.’

1. CPR Dummy

Painting yourself a pallid gray, removing all of your body hair, wearing a merkin, and hanging a sign around your neck that says ‘Stayin’ Alive’ is a great way to break the ice at the office Halloween party or maybe even that bathhouse you’ve always been too scared to look at for more than a few seconds at a time lest you succumb to its unstoppable magnetic pull.

2. James Franco Mask

Part of what makes James Franco so alluring is that he might be totally into you – or he just might want to fuck your shoes. His ability to exist in two spheres at once, in the public eye yet ultimately unknowable until he tweets you something inappropriate at two in the morning, isn’t something you can capture with a simple silicon mask. You can, however, send out a strong signal that maybe you, too, are curious about shoes. And other stuff.

3. Starfish

Starfish are the prettiest of nature’s hermaphrodites, and they also have many arms to hold you when no one wants to dance with the starfish even though the starfish is clearly interested in everyone and has low self-esteem.

4. 80s Grace Jones

She’s basically the extinction-level event of pansexuality, and while you might only be able to capture a sliver of her power with your scary eye make-up and enormous shoulder pads, there’s no better way to flash a neon sign saying ‘I have made a choice to make choices tonight.’



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