5 Photos To De-Tag Yourself From After The Office Party

Geeky man ready to party, celebration concept

It’s the morning after the big office shindig, and it doesn’t matter whether it was a holiday party, summer BBQ, or bizarre fall leaf-peeping retreat: there are now at least 5 photos of your circulating on Facebook that you absolutely need to de-tag yourself from before Judy in HR sees them.

1. The One Where You’re Wearing Your Boss’s Fur Coat

And her garter belt. And her nylons. And her corset. And her pegging gear. She really should not have hosted this BBQ. She really should have a lock on her bedroom door. You really should make de-tagging yourself from this photo a priority.

2. The One Where You Built A Bonfire

Mostly because you did it in the supply closet, using last year’s TPS reports. Bonfires are fun, but destroying company records is a C-level executive’s responsibility, Tim.

3. The One Where You Decorated The Intern Like A Christmas Tree

Maybe it would have been funnier if you hadn’t bound him to an office chair first and then dangled him from a cargo crane in the loading dock. And then forgotten him there until Monday morning.

2. The One Where It’s Just A Mass Of Flesh

And maybe some hair? Dude. It could be an armpit, but it’s probably not. How did this even get past the Facebook community standards team?

1. The One Where You’re In The Back Of A Police Car

And Jeff from accounting is in the front seat, and you’re driving up the steps of the local courthouse. Honestly, maybe it’s time to delete your entire Facebook account, and maybe your social security number, and just life ‘off the grid’ for a while.




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