5 Rejected Dan Aykroyd Comeback Vehicles

Dan Aykroyd at the "Yogi Bear" Los Angeles Premiere, Village TheDan’s Haunted Mansion

Mixing elements of ‘Fantasy Island’ and ‘Survivor,’ contestants enter Aykroyd’s isolated hill-top home blindfolded and must eat their own weight in ‘ectoplasm’ before they are clubbed on the back of the head and dropped off in a West Hollywood alley for their ‘exit interview.’

Robot Father

Aykroyd explores the limits of the human condition by spray-painting himself silver and taking over as head of household for a randomly-selected family dealing with a troubled teen. Dan is only allowed to bring one weapon into each new home, voted on by viewers via Twitter.

Furnace Hearts

Dan Aykroyd stars as a cardiovascular surgeon’s assistant who also has the ability to start fires with his mind – but only inside the heart of one lucky lady, head of hospital Moira Danang (played by Dame Helen Mirren). Most of the film’s plot takes the form of a flashback in the days leading up to Aykroyd accidentally incinerating Danang from the inside-out.

I Thought It Was You

A topical look at the subject of sex addiction, where Aykroyd’s constant infidelity leads to the catchphrase ‘I thought it was you’ spoken through the peephole in the door of his modest apartment as his wife holds their children emotionally hostage at the end of each episode.

Business Casual

Aykroyd mentors a young apprentice determined to rise quickly through the world of fashion, despite a crippling fortune left to her by her steel magnate father. Rejected titles: ‘Almost Fabulous,’ ‘Spendthrift$,’ ‘Cut From The Same Cloth,’ ‘Burn The Will, Vicar.’




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