5 Times You Said ‘No’ When You Really Meant To Say ‘Yes’

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Your brain is the greatest source of petty personal betrayal that you will ever encounter, and nowhere is this more evident than when trying to express to another human being how you actually feel. How many times have you said ‘no’ to someone when you really meant to say yes?

5 times. And here they are.

1. When your (now) ex-girlfriend asked if you had gone through her phone.

2. When your boss at work startled you in your cubicle and asked you if anything was wrong, when really by that point you had been sleeping in the fifth floor bathroom for two weeks.

3. When your parents asked you if you were upset that instead of Christmas this year, they were heading to a couples-only club in the Mediterranean, like they have every year since you were old enough to know what loneliness felt like.

4. When the telemarketer asked if you lived alone.

5. When your brother wanted to know if you had seen his girlfriend that week, when you had actually been a subscriber to her cam portal for six months and counting and probably saw more of her than he did – at least, from certain angles.



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