5 Viral Videos You Attempted That ended In Death

For whatever reason you’re still trying to deliver on the latest viral video craze, despite your last attempts not getting you any closer to fame than the local police officer who knows you a little too well (and that one nurse at the hospital who by now excels at getting things out of your ass).  Here’s a reminder of all the death and debauchery you caused in an effort to be internet famous (which is far better than hospital ass-doctor famous!)

1. Harlem Shake

It seemed like a good idea at the time, everyone was jamming to that Harlem Shake song and your office was in need of good PR, so why not make your own version of the trend? However, who could have forseen that the CEO of the company was having seizures instead of doing some strange ‘60s era interpretation of twerking.

At least he went out doing what he loved. Actually, it was unlikely he loved seizures.

2. Ice Bucket Challenge

You wanted to make the most bad ass ice bucket challenge video so instead of just using a bucket of ice cubes, you poured a whole gallon of liquid nitrogen on your friend Pat, in what ended up being the most authentic snuff film tribute to Mr Freeze ever caught on camera. Now instead of donating to ALS, you had to do 500 hours of community service and aren’t allowed back into a scientific research laboratory ever again. This probably wouldn’t have been such a big deal if you guys had said something funny or cool like “ALS isn’t cool, but Pat is!”

3. Mannequin Challenge

You had managed to gather the whole community to participate in the Mannequin Challenge, and what better way to showcase your ability to stand perfectly still while a video swirled around you, than setting a scene in a typically busy intersection? Unfortunately, you forgot to account for the outsourced garbage trucks that came barreling down the street, pancaking four of your favorite neighbors, and about 26 of your less-favorite neighbors. It was the worst tragedy your community has seen since the local movie theatre held an ‘audience brings the weapons’ crossover promotion between the movie, ‘The Purge’  and the regional hard-core wrestling promotion.

4. Damn Daniel

Saying “Damn Daniel” and documenting your friends’ kicks seems like a harmless thing, but you probably shouldn’t have turned the video into an upskirt flick starring the nuns from the local convent. What’s worse is that the video SOMEHOW was watched by the priest who condemned them all to hell for their choice (and non-choices) of BDSM style-leather undies. Damn Daniel.

5. Carpool Karaoke

You should have seen this disaster coming. Karaoke is never your thing unless you’re 14 pints in at the local pub. So of course to get in the mood for your carpool karaoke video you got loaded first. And since no one in their right mind would drive with you, you stopped by the homeless shelter promising jobs to the vagrants. Then you started belting Celine Dion. It was all pretty impressive until you wrapped your Ford Windstar around a light pole. Highway to the danger zone indeed!

6. Bottle Flip

Flipping bottles to land them perfectly on their base is one thing, but using one with a beautifully detailed model of a racing schooner inside is one brilliant way to stand out. What you didn’t realize, however, is that model boat in the bottle wasn’t just a model, it was the result of an ancient curse that shrunk and imprisoned a band of pirates. When you flipped that glass so carelessly, you destroyed the lives of all the inhabitants of the cursed ship, vaporizing them or worse.  Now you’re cursed far worse than those pirates and you’ll forever only be turned on by ancient glass bottles. Wait – curse or blessing? You tell me.



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