5 Way Hackers Are Exactly Like The Movie ‘Hackers’


If you’ve ever watched late night cable, chances are you’ve come across ‘Hackers,’ a mid-90s time capsule that fully captured the zeitgeist of the early online hacking scene. This hyper-accurate film laid the groundwork for the burgeoning hacker movement, with everyone from Anonymous to Kevin Mitnick studying it religiously and using it as a model for what we now know ‘InfoSec,’ or ‘Information Security.’

Curious about the impact that this unique cultural document has had on our digital age? Check out these 5 ways hackers are exactly like the movie ‘Hackers.’

1. Hackers Never Age


Matthew Lillard, an American actor who is actually 900 years old but perpetually looks like he’s 22, starred in ‘Hackers’ as ‘Cereal Killer,’ which showed us how a computer geek would look like if their closet consisted entirely of braided wigs and crop tops. Angelina Jolie, also a ‘Hackers’ alumnus (where as ‘Acid Burn’ she represents the ‘space fox’ hacker clan with her slicked-back bob and shiny body suits), has yet to see a single wrinkle darken her brow. Jonny Lee Miller (‘Crash Override’) is COMPLETELY fucking invisible at this point in his career, so death will never find him, let alone father time. The same is true of all modern-day hackers.

2. All Information Transfer Is Actually Done With Disks And Skateboards

Are you still using email and Facebook to get in touch with your friends and share files? Fools. Anonymous and Julian Assange can’t risk having their secrets discovered by anyone with l33t skills, so they’ve taken a page out of ‘Hackers’ and elected to transfer all sensitive data via a global network of skateboard disk hand-offs. You probably haven’t even seen a disk in the last 10 years, have you? That’s because real-life hackers BOUGHT THEM ALL.

3. The Gibson Now Controls The Global Economy


The McGuffin in ‘Hackers’ is the need to ‘hack the Gibson,’ which turns out to be a powerful mainframe computer. Is it any coincidence that ‘the Gibson’ is also the name for the enormous supercomputer built secretly during the Bush administration by a team of ultra-secretive hackers in a successful attempt to control the global economy and bring about the second coming of roller blades, Big Beat, and parachute pants?

No. No, it’s not.

4. No One Trusts A Slightly Older Guy With A Long Coat And Facial Hair

This applies to both the world of hackers, and of course, Craigslist. Because he’s obviously a bad guy. And whatever you do, don’t put him in charge of, say, your entire IT infrastructure. Or let him near an oil tanker. These maxims are as true today as they were in 1995.

5. Virtual Reality Is The Technology Of The Future, And Always Will Be


Some of the most intense scenes in ‘Hackers’ involve VR eyewear that was totally cool and cutting edge and about to hit the mainstream 20 years ago. Just like VR wear today is totally cool and cutting edge and about the hit the mainstream…right?




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