7 Quotes About Masculinity From ‘Buzz’ Aldrin


He’s been to space, which should by itself be enough of a reason for Edwin ‘Buzz’ Aldrin to have your attention when he opens his distinguished mouth to pontificate on the current state of masculinity in America. There’s a strong chance that exposure to the higher levels of radiation outside of our planet’s atmosphere have at least given him some kind of superpowers. Maybe one of them is a deep understanding of the human condition. Either way, the wisdom of his words on masculinity simply can’t be questioned by mere Earth-bound humans.

1. ‘In the 60s, it was a lot easier for a man to go to the moon than it was for him to cry in front of his father. Or his mother. Or his wife. Or his children. Or the NASA-appointed psychiatrist.’ – Air and Space, 1995.

2. ‘Neil was a beautiful man. They say the Moon changes you, but one thing’s for certain: he had the softest hands in space. I challenge anyone on the ISS to prove me wrong.’ – USA Today, 2014.

3. ‘When the phone rings and you pick it up, and it’s not the President on the other end – I mean, why even bother?’ – Vogue, 1975.

4. ‘We arm-wrestled for the Moon, you know. To be the first, I mean. I don’t mean the first to set foot on its surface. I mean the first to be King. King of the Moon.’ – High Times, 1989.

5. ‘I enjoyed the Boy Scouts as a child, but I’ll never forget having to put down one of my Scout leaders after he turned rabid on a camping trip. I felt his maniacal spirit slide out of his chest, up the knife, and into my own soul as he gasped his last under the weight of my blade. Little did I know how addictive that sensation would become in the ensuing years.’ – Cat Fancy, 1981.

6. ‘I once opened the cockpit of an F-86 Sabre at 25,000 feet. I don’t recommend it.’ – Vanity Fair, 1992.

7. ‘Sometimes I leave my body during interviews. Sometimes the person on the other end of the line is just talking to meat.’ – Reader’s Digest, 2006.




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