7 Quotes About Masculinity From Alec Baldwin


He has seen his career morph from heartthrob to grizzly bear in the space of only 25 years, but that hasn’t stopped Alec Baldwin from preaching to a choir of devoted fans about the impact testosterone has had on his life. America was built on the broad, swarthy backs of men like Baldwin, and now it’s time for us all to benefit from his uniquely beefy perspective on what it means to be a man.

1. ‘Of course there’s a pecking order in the house. For example, Danny wasn’t allowed to leave the house until he as 15, but Stephen – well, Stephen got away with a lot, right up until we had to artificially instigate puberty to prevent him from traveling down a very dark path.’ – Good Housekeeping, 2003.

2. ‘I think if a man kills another man, it’s murder, but if a man kills a satyr in mid-town Manhattan, well, it’s proof that those dreams I’ve been having weren’t just Ambien terrors, were they?’ – Rolling Stone, 1999.

3. ‘I’m not opposed to the concept of mentors, but I believe a man really only learns from direct experience. How am I supposed to ‘experience’ anything with a court-appointed psychologist tracking my every move?’ – comments directed at the bench, New York District Court 11, 2009.

4. ‘When I was filming ‘Red October,’ I realized that James Earl Jones couldn’t see very well out of his left eye. I made sure, whenever I could, to stand just on that side of him and leave little Alec dangling out of the front of my pants in every scene we shared. The crew loved it, but Jones wasn’t too happy when he saw the rushes. But then again, pleasing that man is a full-time job.’ – Reader’s Digest, 1997.

5. ‘The secret is the graham-cracker crust. It just changes the entire balance of the dish, tilts it towards the sweet side of things enough to really cut through the tanginess of the chocolate. I once ate it off of Hillary Clinton’s right thigh. I’ve never told that to anyone.’ – Men’s Health, 2010.

6. ‘Yeah, I made him eat the lens cap, then the lens, then the strap, then as much of the camera body as he could fit in his mouth. Oh, you’re asking about the paparazzi back in 1995? I’m sorry, I thought you wanted to know about hazing DiCaprio on the set of ‘The Aviator.’  – US Weekly, 2007.

7. ‘I’d run for president, sure, but only to re-establish a federal death penalty.’ – Guns And Ammo, 1994.




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