7 Quotes About Masculinity From James Earl Jones

James_Earl_Jones_(8516667383)Ever wondered how one of Hollywood’s leading actors and iconic voices feels about his masculinity? Or your masculinity? Or masculinity in general? We’ve scoured the web for some of James Earl Jones’ most illuminating quotes about what it means to be a man. Check it out and see if you agree with Jones’ take on the your chromosomes.

1. ‘Growing up on a farm, the animals were always at it. I mean having sex. Rutting. That has an effect on a boy. And then a boy becomes a man.’ – TV Guide, 1986

2. ‘It’s not that the man you see on the other side of that scope wants to die. It’s that he has to die. Understanding that, changes everything.’ – Guns and Ammo, 1991.

3. ‘I never learned his name, but he was like a second father to me. It’s too bad mortals are so fragile. This is off the record, right?’ – The Watchtower, 1988.

4. ‘You learn a lot about someone filing in close quarters like we did on ‘Red October.’ I learned that I’m a size 9 shoe a mile underwater. Connery learned that he shouldn’t fuck with a Mississippi boy.’ – Vanity Fair, 1997.

5. ‘If I had wings, I’d be a stallion. A big motherfucking stallion-unicorn. Then we’d see who was really in charge.’ – Reader’s Digest, 1984.

6. ‘Doctors are like ants. Bring a magnifying glass.’ – The New York Times, 2003.

7. ‘My son Flynn is both a burden and a curse. Make of that what you will. I’m still working through it. But I do know this: there’s nothing more frightening to me than the idea that he will someday eat my brain and steal my knowledge.’ – Alchemist Today, 1776.


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