7 Quotes About Masculinity From William Shatner

William_Shatner_by_Gage_Skidmore_2From captain to songbird to cop to 911 evangelist, William Shatner is still going strong well into his ninth decade of entertaining his millions of fans worldwide. Stealth Canadian and horse-lover, Shatner’s never been shy about letting us all know where he stands on the subject of masculinity.

1. ‘What a lot of people don’t realize about Rescue 911 is that I personally responded to hundreds of calls a year during our entire production run. I did it behind the scenes, on my own time, and I never brought a camera, because that’s just what a man does when duty calls. Fuck Steven Segal. Segal ain’t shit.’ – Guns and Ammo, 2014.

2. ‘I always thought it was funny when Leonard would go on these two-day crying jags, and then try to pretend it hadn’t happened when he finally made it back to the set.”‘ Bill,” he’d ask. “Why didn’t you pick up the phone last night?” I think you knew, Leonard. I think you knew.’ – TV Guide, 1996.

3. ‘The kidney stone wasn’t the only thing I tried to sell, but apparently semen isn’t viable after it’s been sitting out in the sun for more than a few hours. I wish I’d known that before I cancelled on Regis.’ – Horse Fancy, 2010.

4. ‘What really used to help me relax on set was to just imagine a big bonfire, one that’s really roaring, and then I would just piss on it in my mind until it was a smoldering pile of urine-soaked charcoal. I learned that from my dad. Dad was a pisser, too.’ – Cabelas, 1989.

5. ‘No, there’s nothing inherently wrong with preferring horses to women, unless the horses are women. Mares, they’re called.’ – Rolling Stone, 1999.

6.  ‘I’ve always had a certain intensity in the bedroom. I think it starts with my eyes, and then extends through my calves. It’s a whole-body thing, but I have to dial it down on the first few dates, or I’ll end up in the back of an ambulance trying to remember the name of the current president, you know what I mean?’ – Forbes, 2006.

7. ‘The best thing about aging? Knowing that you’re closer to the end than the beginning, and that you’re finally never going to learn how to play a game of darts without seriously injuring your opponent.’ – ESPN: The Magazine, 2001.




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