9 Ways To Casually Bring Up Your Kickstarter


Making a web-series about you and your crazy roommates is such a unique and innovative idea! Don’t let the fact that your parents have finally cut you off discourage you from making it happen! Now that sites like Kickstarter exist, you can make the money by pestering all of your friends and colleagues until they finally give you $20 towards getting a boom mic, or a tetanus shot, or vitamin c pills for that scurvy you contracted while following your dream.

Here are 9 ways to casually bring up your Kickstarter in any and every given situation.

1.  When somebody walks by say “you dropped something” even though they didn’t, so that you get their attention. Then plug your Kickstarter.

2.  Ask everyone you meet how much money they make and/or how much their rent is. Then say” wow, that’s a lot of money!” and then plug your Kickstarter.

3.  At dinner, when someone asks you to pass the salt, say something fun like, “only if you donate to my Kickstarter!”

4.  When someone offers to buy you a drink, say “no thanks, I’d rather you donate that money to my Kickstarter. Or you can Venmo me the money directly.” Hand them your phone with your Square card reader ready to go.

5.  Join dating apps and message potential mates the link to your Kickstarter. Change your username to ‘NeedsMoney87.’ Consider a new hashtag: ‘#Camming4Kickstarter.’

6.  Print out a description of the Kickstarter and then tape it to your dog. This way everyone who stops to pet your dog will say “what’s this thing taped onto your dog?” That’s your cue to plug your Kickstarter.

7.  Bring up Zach Braff by saying something like, “what did Zach Braff end up doing with all that money he raised on Kickstarter? Did you know that I, myself, have a Kickstarter?” Resist the temptation to tag Braff when you tweet about this hilarious conversation later that evening.

8.  Post a link to your Kickstarter in the comments section of your friends’ old profile pictures. Everyone knows that liking an old profile picture means you’re DTF, and everyone knows that posting a link to your Kickstarter on an old profile picture means “please donate to my Kickstarter.”

9.  Bonus suggestion: Open a MySpace account to solicit donations from the early-2000s when VC money flowed fast and easy.

There you have it! If you do these 9 suggestions and keep posting about it constantly, you’ll have that web-series up on YouTube in no time!





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