Alternative Facts About The Cast of ‘Friends’ – Where Are They Now?


For a group whose collective stars shone so brightly, it’s nothing short of amazing that each ‘Friends’ cast member’s descent into obscurity was so rapid and total almost as soon as the final season wrapped.

Have you ever wondered what happened to this group of talented actors once the camera turned away and they were forced to deal with life outside the limelight? Check out our ‘where are they now?’ look at the cast of ‘Friends’ as part of our Alternative Facts series on pop culture icons.

Jennifer Aniston – Shortly after the end of ‘Friends,’ Aniston returned to her first love: Civil War re-enactment. The chance to keep her acting iron in the fire should Hollywood come a calling with a potential movie role was a big part of the decision for Jennifer to go full-native and live in a Confederate camp as a Yankee prisoner for three years, but unfortunately she ended up so far off the grid that she never even got to audition for a part in the next Brad Pitt rom-com that probably would have broken her into the big time.

Matt LeBlanc – Not much is known about LeBlanc’s efforts after the finale season of the beloved television program. Some say he spends most of his time ‘weathering’ leather jackets and selling them on eBay. Others claim he left America entirely to do missionary work on the Ivory Coast. One of the few TV stars to have truly turned his back on the business, LeBlanc remains an enigma.

Courteney Cox – A return to school – Harvard University, no less – and an unexpected detour into Police Sciences after flunking out of the Ivy League sees Cox manning a desk in a sleepy national park in Wyoming, far from the bright lights of the big city but close enough to bison that they occasionally head-butt her car.

Matthew Perry – Perry’s one brief dalliance with post-Friends stardom (a K-Pop single that went all the way to number 13 on the Seoul Fire charts in 2010) was overshadowed by his unusual decision to change his name to Dr. Matthew Perry on the basis of his successful completion of the same Harvard degree that Cox simply couldn’t wrap her mind around. Once that tabloid storm had died down, Perry found himself molding young minds as a phys ed teacher at a small community college in Vermont.

David Schwimmer – Schwimmer’s line of frozen foods, ‘Schwim’s Pickin’s,’ earned the former star enough cash to spend the rest of his life fishing in that canyon that Robert Redford made a movie about 20 years prior.

Lisa Kudrow – Kudrow’s transition from sitcom actor to syndicated relationship columnist was cut short after she developed an allergy to electromagnetic waves, forcing her to spend 23 hours a day inside a Faraday cage knitting aluminum headgear and cursing the invention of electricity.

Danny DeVito – The long-time comic impresario saw his career prospects fade to black after an unsuccessful season on Friends in his role as ‘the super.’ Branded by failure, DeVito now hosts walking tours of haunted New Orleans.




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