GQ Doubles Down On Sexist Rock Climbing Story With New, Even More Sexist Sweater Story

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Acknowledged leader of all things relentlessly manly and a little bit drunk GQ Magazine broke new ground in the masculinization of adventure sports with a pioneering article focused on ‘three premier climbers and a couple of cute friends’ spending time together on the mountain in varying states of undress.

Not to be cowed by the barrage of comments and complaints that the story sexualized the women involved while lauding the men as unstoppable cliff yetis, GQ has doubled down with a response article entitled ‘Only Men Should Wear Sweaters Because Women Have Breasts.’

This landmark piece of journalism follows ‘three 100 percent biological men and four female ciphers we hired off of Model Mayhem’ as they alternately wear, and then not wear a variety of sweaters. To be clear: the men are always kitted up in sweaters, because it’s fall and a bit nippy out, and the women are of course naked from the waist up, because they have breasts.

‘The sweaters on display here are the perfect complement to the bearded, rugged individualism that permeates men’s pull-over culture today,’ said Joah Nohnson, author of the article, when we contacted him for comment. ‘Conversely, the lack of sweaters, or clothing of any kind for the women we invited along on our adventure/photo shoot/after-party is an even better encapsulation of how the editorial staff at GQ feel about the female body.’

When asked to elaborate, Nohnson smiled. ‘Isn’t it obvious?’ he asked. ‘If the ladies were wearing sweaters, it would be a lot harder to see their tits.’

GQ plans a full line up of complementary stories over the upcoming months, including ‘Decorate The Christmas Tree Naked, Bitch,’ ‘Victoria’s Secret Jack ‘O Lantern Party,’ and ‘Uncomfortable Court-Ordered Apology To Our Interns.’




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