Is Your Relationship Doomed Just Because She’s Never Met You?

Lonely man drinking alcohol outdoors

Everybody knows dating is tough, whether you’re meeting people online, at work, or at the bar. Even if you meet somebody who you think is perfect, there’s no guarantee they’ll feel the same way about you, and ghosting is rampant. But what if you and that perfect person have never actually even been in the same room and they’re fundamentally unaware of your existence? Don’t lose heart, dudes! Just remember these simple rules of love:

1. You’re not a statistic. Sure, most people can’t make it work with somebody they’ve never met, and are unlikely to ever meet, but you’re not them! Give up just because your lady-love has no idea you exist, let alone that she’s your soulmate? Never!

2. Just remember: every love story’s protagonist faces seemingly insurmountable problems. And what problem could be more insurmountable than the fact that you have never, ever met the woman of your dreams and never, ever will? Your struggles in this relationship will only make it sweeter when it all works out and you spend the rest of your life with a person who doesn’t know you or your family or your friends or even live on the same continent as you.

3. Remember, ladies want a strong, masculine dude. If you give up just because your girl actually exists in a parallel universe several years in the future and the version of you in that universe is either already dead or never existed at all, well, you’re basically telling her that you’re not man enough for her. Hang in there, my bro!

Living with…or, well, without…somebody who’s never going to know you exist may be hard sometimes, but nobody ever said love was easy. Just remember—you’re special, and so is your love, even if the person you’re in love with, and possibly you yourself, don’t even know that it’s happening!




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