Man Commits To 10 Extra Reps At Gym, Still Can’t Move Laundry To Hamper

Weight Trainer

One more! Two More! Three More! You got this!

Mark’s spotter wasn’t the only one excited at Gold’s yesterday, as a crowd formed around the 32 year old stock broker as he crushed ten extra reps on the bench to finished his workout. The excitement was palpable when he beat his own personal best and surprised his personal trainer with just how committed he was to delivering a remarkable second effort.

Remarkably, despite Mark’s amazing willingness to commit to 10 extra reps after a hard afternoon of pumping iron, he still hasn’t found the will power required to move the laundry from his side of the bedroom floor into the hamper that sits in the corner a mere four feet away.

The room, which he shares with his fiancé, Michelle, is carefully curated with tasteful art on two of the four walls, and curtains that match the duvet cover that sits on the couple’s four poster bed. Michelle’s side of the room is immaculate, despite being six feet further from the hamper at both the beginning, and the end, of each day. Mark’s side resembles an explosion in a Goodwill sorting room, six years after a nuclear winter has wiped out most of mankind.

That same eye of the tiger that saw Mark push past what he previously thought were the limits of his own personal pain tolerance is completely absent as soon as he stands before the ever-growing pile of clothes invading the personal space he has carved out with the woman for whom he has pledged his eternal devotion.

When asked by a neutral third party (at the behest of Michelle) why he was completely unable to bring the same level of focus and effort he displays at the gym into the home that serves as the cradle for a love he has previously described as ‘boundless,’ he replied, ‘I’ve never really given it much thought.’




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