Movie Trailer Review: End Of A Gun

The key to action movie success is the phrase “Get down!” When properly executed, it alters the entire cinematic experience, instantly pumping up the audience’s adrenaline in anticipation of the shit that’s about to go down. In the gold-standard classic ‘Terminator 2: Judgement Day,’ this game-changing, two-word sentence is used three times throughout the movie. Meanwhile in Saving Private Ryan (one of the greatest action movies of all time) a character calls out “Get down!” twice in rapid succession, a crazy move by director Stephen Spielberg that nearly flat-lined unsuspecting audiences like an ephedrine overdose in 1999.

Since then, movies have been wary of this all-too-powerful sequence of words, but I can confirm that 2016 action-thriller “End of a Gun” is bold enough to include the catchphrase, rocketing the action genre back to peak form. Fortunately, Steven Seagal’s stroke-afflicted, overweight twin brother utters it with such a toned down urgency that there’s no danger of overwhelming audiences. It’s this artful introspection that makes “End of a Gun” such an interesting film, based entirely on the trailer.

Seagal plays what seems to be an ex-cop who must have been let go after letting himself go, or based on the way he handles weapons, was fired for gross misconduct. What’s clear though is that he still has the heart of a cop, paired with the mental and emotional quotient of a horny pre-teen and enormous hands unsuited for using any type of firearm.

The story is unique: Upon shooting a man during a chivalrous action, Seagal is propositioned to steal the deceased man’s money by his sexy (now-ex) girlfriend named Trouble in a Black Dress. The obvious plot hole of why she can’t do it herself is clearly explained by the fact that she’s a beautiful woman and doesn’t need to get her hands dirty. Seagal’s character of ‘armed and sexually confused old man in it for a paycheck’ uses ‘honour’ as the main motivator to then commit more crimes. He gets a cut of the cash too, which is a bonus, even though he confusingly states that he’s ‘not in it for the money,’ despite the fact that, as evidenced by this direct-to-DVD feature, he is most definitely ‘in it for the money.’

The ace plan is laid out clearly by Seagal: ‘get the money.’ It goes swimmingly, in what looks like a daring heist, where the aforementioned “Get down!” is heard. You weep in front of your laptop screen. The curtain falls.

Or it would, in perfect world. What is surprising though, is that a sinister character seems unhappy or jealous of the pair’s success. In perhaps the biggest plot twist of the trailer, this faceless character commands a spineless but bold minion to get the money back. He also snaps open a switchblade, perhaps to deal with something happening just off-screen. Or maybe just to peel an apple. We’ll never know.

The minion, who has an uncanny ability to describe people, manages to find the girlfriend who orchestrated the theft. What’s left is an epic showdown that’s clearly in favour of the antagonist, who brings along dozens of threatening looking henchmen. Of course, Seagal can handle all of them with his balls of steel, his tiny gun, and his relentlessly optimistic attitude towards calorie loading before a fight.

One low point in the trailer is its how open-ended it leaves the plot. It’s clear that there will be an’ End of a Gun 2 – End Harder,’ which will explain just how successful Seagal was at rescuing the damsel, and who the sinister mastermind behind the kidnapping is. But as far as I’m concerned, any action flick with the phrase “Get down!” is worthy of high praise. I give this trailer two balls down.




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