Revealed: What Will Make A Woman Brag About You To Her Friends

Three girls emotionally gossiping on a bed in living room

Does she talk about you when you’re not around? More importantly, does she talk you UP to her friends so you can hit them on the down-low the next time she leaves town for one of her assistant-professorship backwoods team-building retreats?

Manonizer got down and dirty in the trenches of actual woman-on-woman interaction and discovered what it takes to get her bragging about you to her besties.

Woman5Gretchen, 27: When we’re fucking, and just before I come he starts to cry, and I mean, like really obvious, body-wracking sobs, and then his man-bun comes undone and it falls over his eyes to obscure his tears but then he GRABS MY HEAD WITH HIS HANDS AND I COME WHILE STARING INTO HIS PUPILS THROUGH A CURTAIN OF HAIR, yeah, I’m definitely tweeting about that.


Woman2Amanda, 35: If he can go more than ten minutes without checking his phone during dinner, my besties will hear all about it.



Woman4Jennifer, 21: I once dated a gentleman for six months, and never once heard him discuss his income as anything other than ‘sufficient.’ It made me wet.



Woman3Virginia, 65: Cardio. That’s really all it takes.



Woman1Roxanne, 44: If he has no sweat glands, whatsoever, anywhere on his body. I mean none. N-O-N-E. We’ll pass him around like a piñata paddle on Cinco de Mayo.




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