The 20 Most Millennial Sentences You’ll Hear This Week

bearded millennial harvesting beets in an urban communal garden

1.    Can I work from home?
2.    I’m a social media manager for a bespoke men’s accessories brand.
3.    No, I don’t have a driver’s license.
4.    I prefer local microbrew.
5.    Have you heard about crowd-sourcing?
6.    It’s just not authentic enough for me.
7.    I’m three years into my 17th century art appreciation degree.
8.    I’m an intern at a local glass-blowing co-op.
9.    I’m currently working on a strategy to monetize my Periscope audience.
10.    Wickr is the new Snapchat.
11.    This logo appropriates my culture.
12.    I’ll have the pigeon tartar.
13.    <Zoloft as a verb>
14.    It’s like Uber for pets.
15.    Let me show you my maker-space.
16.    I’m having all of my vaccinations reversed.
17.    Is that cruelty-free leather?
18.    We’re pivoting away from an adsales-based paradigm
19.    This grade doesn’t reflect my sense of self-worth.
20.    Let me show you my GIF resume.




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