The 5 Women Who Will Say ‘Hey, No Problem’ To You This Week

Group of young business people sitting in a row at table on offi

Mandy, at work, after you undermine her contributions during a meeting with your boss, neglect to mention all of the long hours she’s put in over the last two months, and how she had to sacrifice three weekends because you dropped the ball on handing things off to accounting not once, but twice.

Trish, your girlfriend, after you forgot that she had been planning a getaway for the both of you up north to Vermont, with deposits on both a bed and breakfast and a day of cross-country skiing, both of which are null and void now that you’ve also scheduled your pick-up basketball tournament for one of the two days.

Your mother, who had been asking you to call your Nana for the last six months, after she tells you that your Nana has died, alone, in a resting home that you never even knew she was in, let alone visited. Mom will take care of the arrangements, right?

The waitress at your favorite local bar, after Martin spills his third beer on her previously immaculate uniform, 30 minutes into a nine hour shift at what is actually her second job.

 Alexandra, your therapist, after you wet yourself on the couch in her office for what you hope is only the second time since you started seeing her four years ago. In your heart of hearts, however, you know that you’re the reason she keeps the plastic wrap on all of her furniture.




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