Tom Clancy’s ‘The Hunt For Red October’ Headed To Broadway

Red-October-posterIn a move that should see middle-aged men squeezing themselves into theatre seats for the foreseeable future, the estate of the recently-deceased writer Tom Clancy has announced a deal with Channing Tatum’s 33andOut Productions to bring ‘The Hunt For Red October’ to Broadway.

A musical adaptation of the ‘Red October,’ which details the actions of Captain Ramius as he defects from the Soviet Union to the United States by way of an undetectable nuclear submarine, is merely the first in a series of planned forays into the dance-friendly whimsy of Clancy’s politically-charged techno-thrillers. On deck are epic versions of ‘Patriot Games,’ ‘Clear and Present Danger,’ and an all-tap interpretation of ‘The Sum of All Fears’ that Tatum has described as ‘the biggest challenge of my career.’

‘There’s something about the cramped confines of a missile sub that just seems to speak to my instincts as a choreographer, and, of course, dancer,’ said Tatum during a conference call. ‘Clancy’s ability to juxtapose the military superiority of the United States with the intransigence of Soviet leadership during the Cold War period practically begs to be explored on the Broadway stage.’

Although unwilling to commit to casting decisions beyond the revelation that ‘Red October’ film star Sean Connery will perform in a cameo during intermissions wherein he chastises the audience for their lack of ‘moral backbone,’ Tatum did walk through a list of planned production numbers. They include:

‘Engage the Silent Drive’ (Requiem)
‘A Hint Of Ramius’
‘I Would Have Liked To Have Seen Montana’ (Parts I-IV)
‘Not Everything In This Room Reacts Well To Jazz Hands’
‘You Parle Ruskie / I Dance American’
‘Montana’ (Conclusion)’

All proceeds from the Tom Clancy-inspired musicals will be donated to a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the memory of deep mistrust between the East and West.




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