Why You Bruise More Easily When You Drink Alcohol

handsome young man with a shiner

Because you can’t go more than three steps at a time in the snow without wiping out.

Because you start to cry as alcohol triggers deeply suppressed memories of just how alone you felt when your father died, and then you can’t see the sidewalk ahead and wipe out on your once-ironic Razor scooter.

Because your hands were once soft, but now they are coarse, and thick, and get in the way when you try to do the gentle things that used to come so easily to you.

Because waking up at the bottom of a stairwell in someone else’s clothes tends to leave bruises.

Because you once dove into a river to save a girl from drowning, and left the icy water a not a hero, but a marked and broken man.

Because you can no longer hide behind your income to deflect accusations that you’re the kind of person no one could ever really, truly love.

Because it’s Friday, and you don’t have to be back at the abattoir until Monday, but you do have to find a way to work out all of that rage. Because your rage never takes the weekend off.

Because he told you he would be gentle, and because you believed him, because he’s your soccer coach.

Because it’s your first time, which means you have to fight.




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