‘Will I Have This Sunburn Forever?’ and 8 Other Post-Burning Man Questions

1. Will I have this sunburn forever, or just long enough to have to loudly explain to all of my co-workers that I got it at Burning Man?

2. How do I change my driver’s license to my Playa name, when it contains special characters (hieroglyphs, emojis, Sanskrit)?

3. Can I ride my new penny-farthing in the carpool lane on the way to the office on Monday?

4. Do I have to accept my new position as Google CEO, or will Sergey and Larry lock me in a data center and force-wire my brain into a server stack if I don’t play ball after our week sharing VR helmets together?

5. How do I photoshop all of these monokini photos out of my online desert wedding album?

6. How long do I have to pretend that this glitter-coated peacock feather given to me by an anonymous sex partner holds some kind of spiritual significance for me?

7. Is the leather rat that spoke to me late at night in the middle of a sandstorm truly the incarnation of the murderous spirit that lives inside of every man, or should I immediately seek therapy?

8. Did I die on the playa and come back to the default world as a ghost, or did I die in the default world and no one has noticed yet because my apartment doesn’t smell bad enough to call the super?




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